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I'm a Danish creative who decided it would be a good idea to move to an even flatter country since that's where my better half is. It's been many moons, and we are still in the flat lands of The Netherlands.

As "pud" I'm a creative in many ways. It's hard to pin down exactly what kind of creative I really am, reason being that I am just too curious to stick to one thing. That means if you need anything "creative" it's highly likely I can help you out ^-^. Be it 2D or 3D, moving or not moving, interactive or not interactive, I got you covered.

So, about the name...

Well it's a story that goes back to before I can even really remember.

My big sister and I were playing Cowboys & Indians (that's probably not allowed anymore is it? xD), my sister was the cowboy and I was the indian.

But names were needed for this game. And my sister asked me what my name should be, without thinking little me went 'PUD!'. My sister thought it was so adorable that she remember it many (many...) years later still. So it stuck, and it seems to have been meant to be my creative alter ego. (if said the Danish way, it really does sound cute, I promise...)


I constantly explore new technologies, so this list will definitely grow over time.

2D KeyFrame animation

For things such as explainer videos, interface animation (web & game) and micro animations.

Makes your product more attractive and fun to interact with for users. Let's make the world a more lovable place.

Interactive motion design

Using tools such as Rive, UnrealEngine and TouchDesigner. Motion can be interacted with in playful and perhaps surprising ways.

UnrealEngine and TouchDesigner can be used for installations to make visitors stop in wonder.

Rive is a fairly new tool to create interactive UI for web and games. It's a great modern tool, like the Flash of the future.

3D visualisation and motion

Bring your products to life, make them loud and proud.
3D gets increasingly popular year after year. 3D can really bring that "WOW" effect to make you stand out in the crowd, especially in motion. Add some simulation to it such as cloth, fluid and rigid body and it can truly feel like magic.

Frame by frame animation

Handmade frame by frame animation creations. Can be really nice for adding a nice personal touch to your product.

Webflow NoCode

"Webflow is a great platform for creating unique websites in an efficient manner. I've used it for a while now to create my own websites, including sites for clients. One of my clients was a horse riding school in Delft".

Feel free to check it out here >  ManegeDePrinsenstad

Aerial cinematography

Get a bird's-eye view of a landscape, urban structures or nature. Great for setting the scene and overall vibe.

Aerial photography

Get a scenic view of your project or events.
Also of great use for inspections of buildings etc.

Drone Mapping

With Reality Capture we can create an overview of construction sites and other big projects.

Gausian Splats (NERF'S)

Turn anything into a beautiful real-time 3D representation
of the real object.

Gausian Splatting is a new technology which is still in its
early stages, but is improving very rapidly and is already extremely powerful.


The "classic" method of turning real world objects into 3D (mesh) models.

Visit Spacepud DroneWorks

Dennis is one of the most creative motion talents I have had the pleasure of working with. Dennis is always able to provide the innovation that turns the things he brings to life in motion into things people will talk about. Conversation pieces!

He can bring simple shapes like, for example, a circle to life so that it becomes a character with a personality. Whether in stop motion, frame animation or in bizarrely detailed 3d.

I definitely recommend getting Dennis involved in projects if you are looking for something special.

Marcel van Zwieten

Creative Director | DotControl

It's always a great pleasure to work with "Danish"! He manages to continually surprise and amaze with his otherworldly 3D visual artworks. And perhaps more importantly, he does so with one of the friendliest and openest mindsets that I've had the pleasure to come across in my career.

He proves single-handedly that outstanding creative genius _can_, in fact, be combined with social skills and down-to-earth attitude. He always brings a big and sincere smile. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Mels Lenstra

Head of Development | DotControl

After having worked with Dennis for over 4 years, I can definitely say that he is one of the most talented makers & creatives I've met. He is not just an amazing Motion, 3D and graphic designer, but also has a great sense of aesthetics and the gift to come up with ideas really quickly.

Whatever Dennis creates, it's going to be eye-candy, guaranteed.

Apart from his creative skills, Dennis is also simply a super kind person. He genuinely cares about the people he works with, and has always been a valued member of our team.

Youri Bosselaar

Design Lead | DotControl

I worked with Dennis for 1,5 years and he is one of the most creative designers I’ve met so far. He is always full of ideas and he will help you bring these to life in top quality. It’s nice to see that he is constantly learning new tools and tricks to bring his motion skills to the next level.

He never fails to amaze me with his work.Besides this, Dennis is a patient and kind colleague to work with and he is always ready to help you.

Gabrielle van der Valk

UX/UI Designer | DotControl


me ;)