Project overview

7UP | Vrumona

Product Website

A playful new product site for the Dutch 7up market.

We were tasked with coming up with a concept for 7UP's new product website for The Netherlands. Our brief was, create something fun and refreshing. We wanted to create something new and different and we knew we wanted to focus heavily on cool transitions and micro-animations. Get refreshed.

Make it pop and fizz

Visuals, Motion and Sound in harmony

One of the biggest aspects of this project was to make something that was fun to navigate and pleasing to look at while keeping the playfulness that 7up has been known for. So with the team of Motion Designers UX Designers and Audio Engineers we dove right in. And it was all about experimenting and playing around right from the start, best team ever ^_^


Of course the site needed to work flawlessly no matter what device you choose to view it on. The dev team worked real hard to make it work great on mobile as well as desktop or tablet

Services Rendered

  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • Art Direction
  • Motion Direction
  • Team Lead

Digital Agency & Team Members

The project owner is DPDK a Rotterdam based Digital Agency.

Team members

  • Mathijs Pol | UX
  • Joris van Raaij | Motion
  • Ryan Schuijer | Motion
  • Dikkie Baan Aka. Dikkens | Sound Design
  • Benedikt Aka. Hornebom | Front-End
  • Glenn de Haan | Back-End
  • Harm Tersteeg | Back-End
  • Michael Vromans | Creative Director
  • Dennis Fausild | Visual Design, Motion Design, Art Direction
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