Project overview

Manege de Prinsenstad

Company Website

A website that fits with the time

Manege de Prinsenstad were in need of a modernization of their website. Something they can easily update themselves with news items and startlijsten using a CMS system. This is something that can really make their lives easier considering they've been used to for years needing an external partner to create new pages for news items manually every time they wanted to post something.

A cleaner look

While we were at it, I suggested it might be a good time to 'clean up' their visual style and make it just a bit more modern. Also to help make it work better for a digital environment. So I was allowed to play a bit with their colors and introduce some gradients to pep it up a bit. We also chose to work a lot with nice big images, since the surroundings of the manege are breathtaking. Grass fields for days and lovely little water streams, it really is a little peace of heaven out there.

Very responsible

A modern website of course means a responsive website. So everything on the website is optimized and prepared to work on even the smallest devices.

  • Visual Design
  • UX Design
  • Motion Design
  • Front end Dev (Using Webflow)
  • CMS
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