Project overview


Chase the Line

A campaign like no other

For the 308GTi we wen't all out. The film and motion team went to France with a bunch of GoPro's and went around a race track with those GoPro's strapped in the front of a car. Using this footage and GPS the dev's made an interactive experience using real footage from the track.

Styling it

How should the look and feel of the campaign site be? Well, just as high-tech and sporty as the car itself I thought.

Concept after concept

I went through many iterations and style ideas. Some futuristic others airport strip markings inspired.

High-tech and clean hologram like light based interface concepts

More airport like ground markings

Services Rendered

Visual Design

Digital Agency & Team Members

The project owner is DPDK a Rotterdam based Digital Agency.

Team members

  • Mathijs Pol | UX
  • Joris van Raaij | Motion & Film Crew
  • Ryan Schuijer | GoPro mount laser cutting, Visual Design
  • Dikkie Baan Aka. Dikkens | Sound Design & Film Crew
  • Amanda van Noordenne | Front-End
  • Harm Tersteeg | Back-End
  • Michael Vromans | Creative Director
  • Anouk van de Sande | Art Director
  • Dennis Fausild | Visual Design, Motion Design
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